Flooring Accessories

Though selecting the right floor for you interior is the biggest part of the flooring decision, it is only part of the equation for a flooring success story! Flooring installations need to be paired with the proper flooring accessories in order to achieve the highest level of success and satisfaction.

Floors that Work depend on the right flooring accessories.

What goes UNDER your floor is important.
What goes ON your floor is important.

We have the accessories that work.

Flooring accessories UNDER your floor include products which are utilized before your floor gets installed. These accessories include products such as the following:

  • Sealers used to create a barrier to moisture emissions or contaminants that would jeopardize the bonding power of your new floor’s adhesive.
  • Specialized Cement used to either smooth, flatten, or level the substrate before your new floor is installed on top.
  • Adhesives specific to your floor and its use. Not all adhesives are created equal. They all have different chemistries and are designed for different, specific purposes. We make sure that you have the right adhesives required for your floor’s warranty.
  • Padding designed for comfort, safety, and even for preventing moisture penetration. We provide padding of all kinds for any type of installation; we have padding for soft, residential carpet and for tough commercial carpets and we’re here to help you select padding that works under your carpet.

Flooring accessories going ON your floor include products that you might use every day and include things like the following:

  • Cleaners that will not degrade your floor’s wear surface (or yarn for carpet).
  • Quality micro-fiber mops to ensure ease of cleaning and maintaining our floor’s warranty as well as its beautiful finish.
  • Heavy duty felt protectors to pad your floor from chair and table legs. We have heavy duty felt pads that other box stores just don’t carry. If you’re serious about protecting your floor then we can help you find the pads that will work under your chairs or tables.
  • Spot cleaners that won’t affect the dye of your carpet’s yarn. The cleaners we provide will not put your new carpet in jeopardy. You won’t have to worry about the cleaner bleaching or distorting the color of your carpet while it works to pull the stain or spill out of your floor.
  • Transitions designed to prevent trips and falls where one flooring product meets another as well as protect the edge of your new flooring from chipping (tile and wood) or fraying (carpet).
  • Temporary floor protection when other trades will be working on your newly installed (or even older) floor. We have temporary floor protection that can help preserve the investment you’ve made in your flooring. Temporary floor protection is an often forgotten accessory after an installation.

We carry the flooring manufacturer’s recommended accessories, and we know what works!