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We love being part of a greater mission! We are honored to assist churches in maximizing the stewardship of their resources. We are thrilled for the opportunity to have a role in the Church's mission through our flooring. Though we are specialists in flooring, we have an appreciation for the bigger picture- reverence for God and serving people.

How does flooring play into this greater mission? Aesthetically, floors are an enormous canvas to simply provide a backdrop or to be part of the invitation to draw people from brokenness to healing. Fiscally, we are committed to be a voice of stewardship for churches. Are all three costs of flooring being addressed by committees? The purchase cost, the maintenance cost, and the replacement life cycle cost are all legitimate fiscal components that we are prepared to help decision makers explore for the purpose of stewardship. We believe that good stewardship on floor selection will benefit the other areas of ministry in the church.