Why Us?

Why select us for your next flooring project? Here's why: CFP is unique for a couple of reasons, the more practical of which are Collaboration and Stewardship. We endeavor to integrate both with every project that we are entrusted with.

Collaboration - We don’t have to replace an architect or interior designer. We would rather come alongside them with our service in a way that fosters collaboration, and integrates their knowledge in aesthetics with our experience in floors that work. Where there is a lack of collaboration and communication, there is a myriad of things that can go wrong. Our approach to flooring aims to reduce the number of issues that can occur during design, installation, and maintenance.

Stewardship - We provide the not-so-common, value-added voice to the design process. This means that when we make decisions based on dollars and cents, it’s to your benefit. We endeavor to always ask about each floor being considered. How well will this floor meet this client's priorities? Is it good stewardship of our client's resources? Will it perform well and look great for the life cycle intended? Our goal is to help choose flooring solutions throughout your project based on affordability and practicality.

Why Commercial Flooring Professionals? Why CFP?